n. (pl. same)
1 a number of things of which each is similar to the preceding or in which each successive pair are similarly related; a sequence, succession, order, row, or set.
2 a set of successive games between the same teams.
3 a set of programmes with the same actors etc. or on related subjects but each complete in itself.
4 a set of lectures by the same speaker or on the same subject.
5 a a set of successive issues of a periodical, of articles on one subject or by one writer, etc., esp. when numbered separately from a preceding or following set (second series). b a set of independent books in a common format or under a common title or supervised by a common general editor.
6 Philately a set of stamps, coins, etc., of different denominations but issued at one time, in one reign, etc.
7 Geol. a a set of strata with a common characteristic. b the rocks deposited during a specific epoch.
8 Mus. an arrangement of the twelve notes of the chromatic scale as a basis for serial music.
9 Electr. a a set of circuits or components arranged so that the current passes through each successively. b a set of batteries etc. having the positive electrode of each connected with the negative electrode of the next.
10 Chem. a set of elements with common properties or of compounds related in composition or structure.
11 Math. a set of quantities constituting a progression or having the several values determined by a common relation.
Phrases and idioms:
arithmetical (or geometrical) series a series in arithmetical (or geometrical) progression. in series
1 in ordered succession.
2 Electr. (of a set of circuits or components) arranged so that the current passes through each successively.
Etymology: L, = row, chain f. serere join, connect

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